Sweeping Monstroid 2 Update: More Features, More Freedom


Introducing Monstroid2 Update

New Exciting Features You Get

  1. It’s Simpler With Elementor
  2. Power Content on the Go with 500+ Sections
  3. Make the Most of 20 Skins
  4. Lighter & Faster
  5. Powerful UX with Jet Plugins
  6. Get WooCommerce and Elementor Work Together


Introducing Monstroid2 Update

Does something like ‘Monstroid 2’ ring a bell to you? This is one of the most famous and widely recognized WordPress themes of 2017. Many developers call the theme an all-in-one toolkit to build a website. And the sweeping number of 7260 sales up to date proves Monstroid2 exclusivity.

So, what if we tell you that this August Monstroid2 gets its first large update? The team of TemplateMonster has worked on it for months to provide you the finest 2018 web design possibilities. Now, Monstroid2 is even more incredibly functional, rich and speedy. And, it’s even faster to build a website with this awesome multi-purpose template!

Don’t take our word for that right now? It’s time we show you all the greatness of the new updated Monstroid2.

New Exciting Features You Get

When we first saw Monstroid2 back in 2017, we couldn’t think of how it may be better. It already had everything and that was true. However, the fruitful year of 2018 brought around higher demands, new connection points with the audience, and, of course, new technologies. To stay on the verge of web innovation, Monstroid2 gladly brings you the hottest features with its new update.

#1: It’s Simpler With Elementor

Monstroid2 has always been a WYSIWYG-friendly template. Before the update, it had PowerBuilder editor on board. It was actually a good option until the groundbreaking Elementor took visual editing to a whole different level.

These days, Elementor builder holds the palm of supremacy among visual builders in terms of flexibility and speed it provides. Moreover, this builder is considered the most comprehensive one for WordPress. Well-thought element categories, comprehensive interface, live preview, all this makes Elementor the #1 WordPress visual builder of 2018.

With the new update, Monstroid2 goes for Elementor. It plays hard and offers you the free Elementor on board, as well as tons of pre-made customization blocks and Elementor-oriented plugins. So, now, you can create a website of any degree of visual complexity faster than ever before!

#2: Power Content on the Go with 500+ Sections

In fact, the team behind Monstroid2 went all-in switching to Elementor. They created a huge collection of over 500 Elementor-based UI elements for different purposes. All of these UI blocks are inside your Monstroid2 admin panel and let you create exactly the interface you dream.

For example, let’s say you want to power an accordion FAQ section. With Monstroid2, you just drop by the library of pre-sets and pick you design among a bunch of highly-professional options. Then, you just have to drag the chosen preset to the right place, style with options and add content.

Moreover, if you want a neat adjustment on top of that, feel free to modify the preset further on and even save it as your own UI element.

#3: Make the Most of 20 Skins

If a multipurpose theme has 20 skins, that’s pretty impressive. With 20 unique hand-crafted designs Monstroid 2 offers you, you’ll find the match for your company, personal or e-commerce website.

However, life is life, and you may like certain pages or blocks of another skin more. With the updated Monstroid2, you’re no longer limited to using just 1 skin. On top of 20 skins, Monstroid 2 adds a Magic Button to Elementor. Just click it to add any page or section of another skin to your one. Exciting, isn’t it?

By the way, new skins are released on the weekly basis. So, you’ll never fall out of customer’s grace by going for shiny and new Monstroid2 skins. They will all be available for you.

#4: Lighter & Faster

With the update, Monstroid2 shed a lot of its digital weight. Now, its files are sleeker and a few times lighter than before (only 250kb).

What does this mean to you? In the past, Monstroid2 required a medium or more advanced hosting. And, of course, you had to pay extra for it. Now, Monstroid2 is so lightweight and swift, you can run it on any cheap hosting without a hitch.

What’s more, with the weight reduced, the speed of Monstroid2 grew tremendously. Now, it takes only 1.2 second to load Monstroid2. Test the Live Demo to experience!

#5: Powerful UX with Jet Plugins

With the new Monstroid2 update, you get not only a myriad of pre-built Elementor blocks, but also unique set of plugins. These plugins, called Jet Plugins, let you add custom content types and power the functionality that is unavailable in Elementor by default.

Fortunately, the developers were really generous and included 9 premium Jet Plugins free. Here they go:

  1. JetBlocks
  2. JetTricks
  3. JetWooBuilder
  4. JetTabs
  5. JetParallax
  6. JetReviews
  7. JetMenu
  8. JetElements
  9. JetBlog

If you’re interested what each plugin lets you do, please check the Jet Plugins page in the Elementor Marketplace.

#6: Bring WooCommerce and Elementor Together

When many templates just claim to be WooCommerce-compatible, Monstroid2 has WooCommerce on board. Moreover, it brings you custom e-commerce skins, pages and functionality.

Most excitingly, you can work with your store pages just the same you work with the regular ones! Thanks to JetWooBuilder plugin, you get a chance to customize e-commerce pages within Elementor, tapping into a rich set of e-store-related functionality on board.


It’s impossible not to welcome the new Monstroid2 update, with which this template gets to the forefront of web design innovation in 2018. With Monstroid2, you get a robust universal template, fully editable within a comprehensive Elementor interface. Do not hesitate to go for it when powering your website and launch one if the leading WordPress websites in your niche!

Stay tuned for more!