Surreal CMS launches V5 with huge improvements

It looks as though there have been some serious updates and improvements over the last couple of years since I mentioned Surreal CMS in our Top 10 Simple CMS post. Updates that have really become major game changers for this slick and attractive CMS.

Let's explore what's change with their latest release, labeled Surreal CMS V5.

Inline Editing

One of the most significant changes in this version is the introduction of some rather excellent inline editing capabilities. Check out this quick 30 second demo video showcasing how it works.

It's not your typical inline editor either, you simply click, type, click outside the box and it's saved. It's incredibly easy to use and I must admit that I found myself wishing it was present in all of the CMS' I test out on a day to day basis. Good work guys!

Amazon S3 Support

I bet you thought this meant that you can just host your images on Amazon S3 didn't you? No sir. You can host the entire CMS on Amazon's powerful cloud and still maintain all of the excellent additional functionality you have come to love with this new update.

This means your website can maintain amazing availability for a low cost as Amazon S3 services eliminate the need for expensive hosting!

Responsive and Touch Friendly

Your whole website is now responsive and touch friendly! This means you can even use the slick inline editor with your smart phone or tablet! (Trust me, I just tested it with my LG G-Pad tablet as I wrote this and it works exactly the same).

New Photo Gallery Editor

Surreal CMS V5 also comes with a new photo gallery editor that can integrate with many lightbox-style galleries and sliders as well!

That's not all, however. There is a lengthy list of features that you can read more about on their website here: Surreal CMS Features.

I'd strongly recommend you go try it out. The devs have done an amazing job with this one and I'd be surprised if it didn't give them a serious leg up on their competition.