Squarespace Circle: The Club For Serial Squarespace Users

Evidently, Squarespace has noticed a trend within its customer base. Namely, that lots of Squarespace users are running three or more Squarespace websites at once.


Why else would they put together Squarespace Circle, an exclusive club for those users who run at least three Squarespace instances.

Aimed at the developer community, Squarespace Circle members will get some perks that make building websites for clients more manageable.

The Inner Circle

Here's a look at some of those perks, that only those with multiple Squarespace websites can access (by signing in at the Squarespace Circle website).

Six-month trial periods

Firstly, and perhaps most interestingly, Squarespace Circle members will have extended trial periods of up to six-months for all new projects.

That's a massive step up from the two week trial extended to everyone else using Squarespace.

Optimized Customer Care

Squarespace is offering Circle members “optimized customer care”. They haven't divulged the details of this supposed optimization, though.

Exclusive content

Squarespace is developing exclusive advanced guides, marketing materials and product release notes to help Circle members produce better websites and grow their business.

More Than Just Circle Time

Squarespace has already announced that they're working to make Squarespace Circle a serious resource and information hub for developers.

“Squarespace Circle is growing. We’ll be listening closely and looking for new ways to improve your workflow, help you sell your services, and connect you with each other.”

I can't help but feel a little bit excited about this whole development.

I've always seen Squarespace as one of the best website builders around, but I've always wondered about how tough it would be to run a web design agency that deals solely with Squarespace.

Before Squarespace Circle, you essentially had two weeks to build and present your client his website before payment was due for the first month. Now that is one epic time constraint.

But now I can definitely see how more developers and professional web designers will be attracted to Squarespace as along term solution for their existing and future clientèle.

Also, it's nice to see that Squarespace aren't charging a fee here. It feels more like a reward for being a serial Squarespacer, rather than just a paid privilege.

In any case, I'm eager to see how this all pans out.

The official announcement of Squarespace Circle can be found on the Squarespace blog.