Squarespace 7 Review

The recently announced Squarespace 7 beta is still being rolled out, but I've managed to put together an up-to-date Squarespace 7 review to give you a peek at what it's like.

More than anything else, Squarespace 7 is mainly an upgrade for your eyes to enjoy. A revamped admin interface that looks more professional is accompanied by 15 brand new templates, each one as shiny and Squarespace-esque as the last. 

Although, there has been functional enhancements too. Live editing is now a key part of the Squarespace experience, managing a Squarespace blog has become a little easier, Getty images are now easily accessible, and Google Apps for Business fans can enjoy simple integration.

Squarespace 7 Review
All in all, it's pretty much the same old Squarespace, but it now looks even better than before. Which is some achivement. 

The review has been published over at Website Builders Critic. Here's an excerpt:

“Sure, Squarespace 7 should have brought more flexibility in terms of eCommerce payment options, and it could have introduced some more blog management features, too. But overall, Squarespace was, and still is, a fantastic website building tool that's easy to use.

It has an air of professionalism that other website builders lack (even more so than before). This, along with a policy of premium-only plans, places Squarespace into a rather unique place within the website builder industry. It's quick, easy and cheap, but the end product would make anybody think the exact opposite.”

Check out the full review here: Squarespace 7 Review: Just How Good Is It?