SpringCM Release Breaks the Barrier Between Applications and Content

SpringCM today announced the latest release of its cloud content sharing and collaboration service for business, now with a new Open Cloud Connector, an easy to implement and powerful way to put content to work in virtually any web application or portal a business wants.  Business people can now view and act on content related to specific groups, such as customers, suppliers, products, or employees, while letting the cloud service keep everything in sync.

In research conducted by SpringCM in 2011, organizations reported from 52% to 90% of the documents, images, drawings, audio and video associated with records in core business applications was not viewed or acted on from the application.  Often this content is on individual laptops, hard to manage shared drives, or content management systems disconnected from their applications.

“Connecting content to structured data and to end users in a more engaging manner has many implications for commercial applications, with mashups, portlets and widgets becoming popular alternatives to hard-wired integration approaches,” commented Mark Gilbert, Research Vice President, Gartner, Inc. “But the biggest potential impact of content integration comes from linking it to transactional business data and delivering a rich information experience that allows end users to get the job done easier and faster.”

“The new Open Cloud Connector is really slick.   It is easy to implement because the Open Cloud Connector basically does the heavy lifting to expose any kind of content in your application,” said Tom Hedgecoth, Global Director of Consulting, sakonent. “Teaching someone how to use it is a snap because the user interface is clean, intuitive and easy to understand.”

“The new way work gets done today is being able to work with content anywhere, anytime, from any device and in your application of choice,” said Christopher Junker, CEO, SpringCM.  “Our new Open Cloud Connector puts IT in a position to quickly deliver and manage the experience business users now demand.”

Highlights of the new capability:

  • Implement in minutes
  • Edit and collaborate around documents, images, CAD files, audio and video files associated with the records in an application
  • Put content to work without leaving applications with features such as sending for approval, check-in/check-out, emailing links or documents and viewing complete history
  • Easily add multiple documents to the right record in an application
  • Organize documents to match multiple levels of records in your application with unlimited levels in folder hierarchies, e.g. Division, Department, Employee
  • Easily manage user provisioning and security through integrated user management and single sign-on
  • Maintain a single, easy to manage content repository across multiple web applications and portals

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