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SpringCM Announces Free Content Management for Customers

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SpringCM® today announced a free content management service for customers. In 30 minutes and without having to pay extra monthly fees, the free VIP Edition makes it easier to add, find, share and manage content right from objects such as Opportunities, Accounts, Cases and Campaigns.

Initial customers using the free VIP Edition have commented how easy and fast it is to get, organize and share their customer and prospect documents. “We get tremendous value out of using, and now with the SpringCM VIP Edition we’re finally able to have one place to see client-related proposals and project documents with all of the other information about our relationships,” said Richard Gustafson, Principal, Kearney & Company. “It was just so easy: Thirty minutes to install, no training needed for the team, and right away we were adding and collaborating on content.”

SpringCM free VIP Edition eliminates the barriers that result in documents related to Opportunities, Accounts and Cases being trapped in email, shared drives and individual devices—which today can run as high as 90% according to research conducted by SpringCM. Available through's AppExchange or the SpringCM website, the free VIP Edition gives customers more than 15 ways to include secure file sharing, document management and collaboration services.

Specific features:

  • Managing documents within standard or custom objects
  • iPad access and sharing
  • One click to begin editing in Microsoft Office
  • Full check-in/check-out
  • Uploading multiple documents at a time
  • Emailing documents into a folder
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Expiration notifications

“With basic document sharing becoming so commonly available, we see this as a tremendous way to help customers solve some of the really basic challenges they have to store and collaborate on content,” said Christopher Junker, CEO SpringCM. “Since SpringCM can do so much more to put content to work with capabilities like approval workflows, sales contracts and proposals, we know many customers will eventually want to take advantage of our paid editions.”

Sign up for the free VIP Edition, or learn more at the “15 Ways to Rock Your Content” Webinar.

CMS & Marketing / SpringCM Announces Free Content Management for CustomersLast updated on January 5, 2019
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