Solus Founder Disappears - Team Loses Access to Patreon Funds

Recently, the founder of the popular Solus distribution of Linux, decided to take some time away from the project for personal reasons. Sadly, it appears as though he has also stopped replying to the members of the development team he helped form and has basically disappeared.

As a result, the Patreon account which numerous people have contributed to and that was, at one point, over $2000 monthly in contributions, has been unusable and inaccessible to the development team. The issue in question here is where has the money been going then?

The team recently posted a call to have those who are donating on Patreon revoke their donations in order to prevent the funds from being locked into an account they have no access to.

Which brings me to Patreon, arguably the most difficult for me to talk about. After multiple support tickets, they have repeatedly refused to provide access to the Solus account. At this moment, we have no way of accessing the funds many of you have graciously donated, nor are we fully aware of what funds are available via Patreon. I absolutely understand if you are frustrated with having financially contributed to the Patreon, with no way for us to utilize these funds for hardware purchases and paying for services, it’s frustrating for us too. Unfortunately, with Patreon’s refusal to assist us, our only option is to kindly request that you immediately cease your donations to it. My personal advice would be to additionally contact Patreon for refunds and express your frustration to them for their unwillingness to assist us. We can only hope that they decide to grant us access to the funds or account.

Following this, we have several questions:

What happened to Ikey? Why have funds been locked into an inaccessible account and where has the money been going if not to the project that it's intended for?

We strongly recommend reaching out and revoking your contributions for now until these answers become clear. You can learn more about the team's struggle here: