Solodev CMS: Facilitating Successful Project Launches

So far during this Solodev featured week, I’ve explored the enterprise platform’s core features, its presence within the healthcare industry, and the role it plays for numerous local government bodies throughout the United States.

And although Solodev CMS has a healthy stake in both of those industries, it also powers websites across the rest of the enterprise spectrum.

One thing those enterprise websites (and the enterprise companies behind them) have in common, are successful launches.

The planning that goes before it, the execution that brings it about, and the work that comes after it with the goal growth. Here’s how Solodev aims to streamline the entire process.

The Benefits of Solodev Launch

Large web deployments are really interactive business platforms that accomplish the digital goals of an organization.

Typically, this involves many steps and moving parts, including; design, build, migration, integrating with third-party technology to streamline business operations, and workflow management.

As such, Solodev CMS’s powerful out-of-the-box features make it an ideal launch platform for mid-to-enterprise class custom application and integration projects.

With Solodev’s built-in RESTful API, custom, complex front-end builds can be developed that handle various business critical transactions within a site by getting/leveraging data from third-party sources.

In many cases, the client or referring agency partner needs assistance with these large migration and deployment projects. Which is why Solodev came up with Solodev Launch.

The Solodev Launch Team

The Solodev Launch program leverages internal Solodev resources to ensure that projects get launched on time, on spec and on budget.

Solodev puts forth a mix of skills to assist end clients or agency partners with the build, design and integration processes.

In other words, Solodev is able to deploy a team of experts to helps smooth over the launch process, so their client can focus on other issues that require their attention.

Solodev Launch in Action

Florida Department of Education

Solodev has put its launch team into action on many deployments in the past. On one such occasion, the Florida Department of Education was the client in question.

The FDOE serves more than 2.7 million students in the state’s more than 4,200 public schools and 28 colleges. This makes it one of the largest education systems in the United States.

As a result of its size, the Solodev launch team had to help migrate 3,500 pages of content along with 20,000 digital assets including documents, images, and media files. A monster of a job, but it was done.

Today, the FODE website can handle 100,000 concurrent users, and currently averages 30,000 users per day.

Dr. Phillips Center

A good example of the level of customization that the Solodev Launch team can accomodate comes in the form of the Dr. Phillips Center, a newly opened (November 2014) state-of-the-art performing arts center in Orlando, FL.

Their website was developed in Solodev CMS 8 and is hosted in the Solodev CMS 8 AWS environment.

It includes a sophisticated online seat selection and ticket purchasing system that was highly customized and vastly improved the user experience with the Center’s ticketing software platform, Tessitura.

Miami Beach App

Furthermore, the Solodev RESTful API also allows developers to build apps that access data from the CMS.

The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority springs to mind here. They needed to create apps around visitor activities and leveraged Solodev CMS to develop a powerful mobile application platform.

Today, the Miami Beach app works like a comprehensive 411 resource that provides granular details on every business as well as on city amenities and happenings.

The app contains nearly 7,000 business listings each with extensive detail. Those listings are accessible by category, so in addition to finding an accountant nearest their location, visitors and residents can select a hotel based on its architect or a restaurant based on the noise level of its dining room. Now that’s detail.

Solodev can also accommodate sophisticated integrations with solutions like CRMs, Marketing Automation Systems, and third party API integration.

To find out more about Solodev CMS, check out their website