Solodev Changes the CMS Landscape by Introducing All-In-One Functionality

Solodev has changed the CMS landscape by developing an all-in-one content management system that can be used to build and manage native smart phone apps, social media apps and enterprise websites at the same time. Solodev software also makes it possible for users to create and manage dedicated mobile sites, conduct online transactions with an integrated e-commerce engine and increase productivity with B2B tools.

“Our software puts more power in the hands of marketers and allows them to have full control of their organization’s online presence,” said Solodev founder and CTO Shawn Moore. “The addition of smart phone app functionality eliminates the need to learn a separate software system or rely on a developer to edit content after the app is built. There is no other product on the market that gives users control over all online channels the way Solodev does.”

Moore and his programming team recently closed the online channel loop to include all-in-one capability by developing an API layer that taps into the CMS and delivers content to native apps and also social media aware applications. The latter allows organizations to plan and manage their tweets and posts through the same software that powers their other online interactions. It also allows them to automatically customize website content according to a user’s social media footprint.

“Content is at the core of every business and we are continually in search of ways to help our clients deliver that content and engage customers across a growing ecosystem of online channels,” Moore said. “We have built our platform in such a way all channels have access to the same content so there is zero data redundancy. Another key benefit is the integration of our e-commerce platform that allows companies to take advantage of the growing trend of mobile consumerism.”

The all-in-one CMS from Solodev allows users to control an organization’s entire online presence:

  • Easily create and manage native apps, mobile sites and traditional websites
  • Develop social media aware applications and syndicate content to social streams
  • Build and manage e-commerce stores
  • Streamline data management

One of the first organizations to benefit from this breakthrough technology is Volusia County, Florida. The county recently released a native app dedicated to its world-class beaches that administrators can manage with the same back-end interface used to control the county’s main website. Lifeguards and other beach safety personnel can update conditions on Daytona Beach and other county beaches remotely with any Internet-enabled device.

About Solodev

Solodev is an enterprise-level content management platform for building smart phone applications, social media applications, interactive websites and other online portals designed to reach an ever-growing ecosystem of screens and devices. Solodev software allows users to seamlessly manage mobile, web, social and ecommerce content in one place with zero data redundancy so more time can be spent marketing data and less time maintaining it.

Solodev runs in the cloud or on premise to provide secure and scalable online solutions. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Solodev’s growing list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies and mid-to-large-sized organizations in the fields of healthcare, retail, transportation, non-profit, government, economic development and associations. For more information about Solodev, please visit