SocialGO: Online Community Building Made Easy

After being founded in 2007, SocialGO has grown from strength to strength, becoming one of the best social networking CMS available today, supporting well over 400,000 websites.

SocialGo actually offers two separate social platform builders. SocialGo Classic is the option which allows you to use pre-set configurations to quickly create a social network. Alternatively, SocialGo Pro offers a wider range of features, directed at more experienced users who are aiming to create a fully customizable, feature rich social website.

Both options allow you to get your website and content online within minutes, in a way which is professional and socially optimized. You can be completely hands-on, by editing themes and creating custom pages, or you can opt for a more hands-off option, allowing the SocialGO experts to take on the task of building your social website for you.

Extensive Social Features

Since SocialGO is all about social networking, it's vital that it gives our users the ability to utilize their handles from the biggest social media websites around, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Your users will be able to sign up with your website quickly and easily via Facebook, embed videos and images from YouTube and Flickr, and more.


SocialGO Pro users will also be able to offer their members access to a Twitter sign up option alongside the standard Facebook feature, advancing an already solid social integration feature.

Whether you are looking to build a social network from scratch, or offer a new residence for an existing one, having these integrated social features is vital for any online community. This is down to the fact that, instead of competing with the giants of social media, SocialGO enables you to use them for the benefit of your members.

Leave it to the Pros

If you're weary of setting up your social network, SocialGO offers a service to help give you the running start you need.

From as little as $250, SocialGO offer three comprehensive design and build packages. The packages ensure that your website is built by SocialGo's professionals, who will take your brand and idea, and put them into action for you. Once they're done, you will have a social network which is aesthetically pleasing, and tailored to your own taste.


Services offered within the packages include bespoke theme designs, custom pages, headers and even CSS coding. What's more is, SocialGO also offer search engine optimization services, logos and a 3 year redesign.

Everything You Need to Build a Thriving Community

As well as service to design and build your SocialGO website as previously mentioned, you can also rest assured that you won't be left without the right tools once you begin recruiting members, marketing, expanding and even monetizing your online community.

SocialGO gives you everything you need to build a successful social network, and then some. For example, you can monetize your online community via membership fees, which can be paid via PayPal and ClickandBuy.


Additionally, you and your members can enjoy the functions of instant messaging, video chat, blogs, forums, and much more. You also don't need to worry about the size of your community, as SocialGO allows you to have an unlimited number of members.

Overall, SocialGO offers a pretty comprehensive social network building solution, dividing their services into both the Classic and Pro platforms. Both platforms have their advantages, with one being suited to a quick, streamlined launch, whilst the other enables you to take a more detailed and executive approach to building your social network or online community.

Whichever of the two platforms you opt for, you can take comfort in the fact that SocialGO has a solid history and a thriving user base, both of which prove the effectiveness of their community building products.

Sound good? Find out more about SocialGO, or check out their 14-day free trial.