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SocialEngine PHP Version 4.8.9 Released

SocialEngine PHP Version 4.8.9 Released

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SocialEngine, the online community building CMS, has unveiled a new version which brings in a wide range of bug fixes and improvements.

This update follows up from version 4.8.7, where SocialEngine Cloud received responsive themes and a roadmap.

Here's what Social Engine users can look forward to after they upgrade.

Upgraded Ning Importer, Facebook & YouTube API Fixes

Online community nurturers who are looking to move from Ning to SocialEngine can now do so with greater ease, as Social Engine 4.8.9 comes with an enhanced importing feature.

Furthermore, SocialEngine has been tweaked to align with new Facebook and YouTube APIs which were recently introduced. That means that users who were experiencing issues with embedding and integration with either Facebook or YouTube should no longer have a problem.

A long list of bug fixes have been implemented also, while a range of plugins also received updates. The full changelog, along with other details, can be found on the SocialEngine blog.

The social networking CMS space needs a hero right about now, and although this update alone won't change that fact, SocialEngine 4.8.9 is a small but healthy step forward.

To find our more, you can explore SocialEngine through our CMS Directory.

CMS & Marketing / SocialEngine PHP Version 4.8.9 ReleasedLast updated on January 5, 2019
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