Smartlogic announce availability of Semaphore for SharePoint 2013 as well as support for Microsoft Office 365

In line with the changes introduced by Microsoft to SharePoint 2013, Smartlogic has announced the SharePoint version of its pioneering Content Intelligence solution, Semaphore, by onward developing its capabilities to ensure content standards across large and far-flung organizations, while simplifying and automating classification.

The new Semaphore for SharePoint 2013 augments SharePoint 2013 to enhance the search experience, drive content management and workflow processes, standardize metadata across the enterprise, and eliminate the burden of manual classification of content. Overall, the enhancements onward develop the already deep integration with SharePoint and further extend Smartlogic’s ability to deliver enterprise grade Content Intelligence across an organization. The new Semaphore version also supports Microsoft’s Office 365, which adds equivalent functionality to the cloud-based solution.

The improvements to Semaphore for SharePoint include:

  • Enhancing multi-farm support for large-scale deployment across multiple geographies and servers so that Content Intelligence is available at the enterprise level;
  • Simplifying the synchronization of the terms store with the enterprise model management so SharePoint benefits from enterprise metadata standards;
  • Adding more ontology-related web parts to enable better contextual search and improved ‘findability’, so users find what they are looking for, more quickly.

Smartlogic’s Semaphore Content Intelligence application enables enterprises to turn unstructured content into actionable information by enhancing the capabilities of existing information management systems such as SharePoint. Functioning in parallel to the Microsoft platform, Semaphore enables enterprises to more quickly and precisely identify, classify, extract, integrate and utilize unstructured information such as research papers, plans, proposals, presentations, meeting notes, strategy documents, reports, memos, web copy and emails.

Matthieu Jonglez, Smartlogic’s chief technology officer, comments:

“We are reacting to customer requirements and demand with these improvements. We’ve not just extended the capabilities of Semaphore for SharePoint when it comes to large-scale deployments – we’ve simplified certain key information management processes, such that manual effort is no longer needed – for example by automating classification.”

Jonglez adds that the changes will also help enterprises that are using Semaphore to bridge the gap between SharePoint and other applications.

“These refinements will help organizations use Semaphore to create an enterprise-level categorization and metadata strategy that can be applied consistently to other systems feeding into SharePoint. This will help ensure consistent metadata governance across an entire enterprise – across all documents and all users. Ultimately, this means that organizations can more easily and efficiently find and leverage valuable information assets that are being managed through SharePoint.”

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