SkyBlueCanvas Review - Point Click Publish.

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Today we're going to expose you to a new and fast cms called SkyBlueCanvas in this SkyBlueCanvas Review. This little content management system has a lot of gusto and provides an easy to use interface. It is small, open source and best of all, free.

Let's take a look at the install.

SkyBlueCanvas Review

SkyBlueCanvas Review

I wasn't too keen on seeing an advertisement on the end screen, but in the same aspect, I can understand that open source projects usually are running on the steam of a few developers who do not get paid. I suppose this is one method of trying to earn a few bucks.

SkyBlueCanvas Review

Above you can see the default look of the website once it's installed.

SkyBlueCanvas Review

As you can see, the editor is pretty simple and straight forward.

SkyBlueCanvas Review

The included meta page is nice a well, and allows full control over SEO functions and RSS inclusion. (nice touch).

As you can see, this system is very easy to use and incredibly straight forward. We recommend this for anyone looking for a simple and easy management interface for their website.

You can find more about it here: SkyBlueCanvas


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