SiteSupra CMS Launches Open Source Edition

By Kaya Ismail February 18, 2015 News & Headlines

All open source news is good news, right? Well, SiteSupra, the website builder and CMS designed for building small responsive websites, has just launched an open source edition.

SiteSupra Open Source Edition is a PHP-based free, GPL-licensed CMS that is available to download from via GitHub. The product contributes to a hosted version of the product available under the same name at You can find out more about the original platform via our SiteSupra Review.

An "Elegant" CMS

According to the official announcement, "SiteSupra Open Source Edition, which was released today, brings a new dimension to the web development market, as a product that comprises an elegant CMS and a powerful web development framework."

SiteSupra has designed a unique visual drag-and-drop interface, which allows website editors to easily complete sophisticated website management tasks without any coding skills.

The drag-and-drop interface includes page widgets, a site map, file storage, and the intuitive access and use of various internal applications. SiteSupra have dubbed it one of the most "comprehensive" drag-and-drop interfaces on the market. 

Anton Sulsky, the CEO of SiteSupra, made these comments upon the announcement:

“Over ten years we tried to develop a sophisticated CMS, which is extremely powerful as a development framework and extremely easy to use as a website management tool. We are excited that our work is now released in open source. We hope it will allow developers to build sites fast, and win more clients because of the elegant CMS they will love." 

Eugene Kharkov, SiteSupra’s CTO, added the following statement:

“We welcome feedback and contributions from developers. We are working to enrich the product with widgets and modules, and so we need developers’ views on required components, and also their help in improving the product further."

To find out more about SiteSupra's open source project, check out their newly launched website.

And of course, be sure to check out SiteSupra through our CMS Directory.

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