Sitemasher, making it easy to get things done.

Last week, Nicole Denil of Sitemasher was kind enough to set aside some time to walk us through a complete demonstration of Sitemasher and its functionality. We were so impressed that we wanted to spread the word about this fine content management system.

For those of you that have never heard of Sitemasher, read The Sitemasher Story.

Sitemasher is unique in that it allows you to create an entire website with minimal experience and no requirement to know coding or css. This is huge for those of you that struggle to understand the intricacies and/or simply do not have the time.

Want to add youtube videos? You can literally search and add directly from their interface without ever going to youtube.

Don't just take our word for it though.. you can quite literally demo the entire system on their website and we highly recommend you try it.

Not convinced yet? Then watch this video:

Thanks again to Nicole for opening our eyes to the power of Sitemasher. We hope you have a chance to try it out.