Sitefinity 5.2 Delivers Targeted and Personalized Experiences

Telerik today announced the availability of Sitefinity 5.2, the latest release of the company’s leading web content management platform. With this release, Telerik offers web developers and designers the ability to target different audiences through personalization and multi-site management, equipping organizations with the tools needed to run effective websites.

“Online audiences increasingly expect brands to recognize their unique interests and deliver web experiences focused on their personal goals,” said Martin Kirov, executive vice president, Sitefinity. “In some cases these targeted experiences are managed through different brands and separate websites. However, in other cases a single website must engage with a variety of audiences. In both examples, it is important to deliver the right message to the right person, and reuse resources where appropriate. With Sitefinity 5.2, enterprises can deliver a unique user experience, while minimizing the complexity associated with maintaining different content experiences.”


According to Gartner, those in pursuit of online channel optimization should, “adopt optimization technologies aggressively, especially testing, navigation improvements and high-level personalizations/contextualizations.” At the same time, personalization often is an underutilized resource due to its complex nature.

Sitefinity 5.2 strategically targets the three complications with personalization adoption:

  • Identification – helps businesses describe and identify various audience sets
  • Transformation – enables customized content to be attached to each audience
  • Testing – easily impersonates the audience’s experience to measure accuracy and
  • impact

Many CMS vendors only enable trivial changes to web content, such as banner ads. However, Sitefinity enables content creators to reshape the entire page and offers a rich language for describing audiences and impersonating each audience’s unique user experience.

Multi-Site Management

Multi-site management is rooted in resource reuse. However, the resources that get reused can vary dramatically – users, templates, content, infrastructure, tools and more. Without multi-site management, these resources would need to be manually copied and synchronized across sites.

With Sitefinity’s multi-site management capabilities, organizations can:

  • Create multiple web sites within a single instance of Sitefinity
  • Implement controlled permissions for site and resource access
  • Engage in a variety of resource sharing options
  • Easily toggle between sites

Permissions are attached to everything and through these permissions administrators control exactly what gets shared and with whom. For the individual content author, the interface is shaped based on their permissions. This enables Sitefinity to address a wide range of scenarios while minimizing UI complications.

Sitefinity also helps organizations manage the complexity associated with maintaining different experiences for different audiences by enabling the ability to reuse content and test the resulting experiences. The result is a higher adoption of personalization capabilities for a better overall customer experience.


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