Sitecore launches Community Solution Accelerator

Social networks have changed the way many individuals receive information and make decisions. For instance, a user on twitter can have in their feed an industry expert review of a product or service, and the opinion of a peer who has also used the product or service. As consumers we value the opinions of other consumers like us do we not? Sitecore CSA, launched today, can harness that community element.

“Developed in partnership with Telligent, the Sitecore Community Solution Accelerator helps marketers better understand customer needs, increase brand awareness, leverage word of mouth, and build a powerful social ecosystem to increase sales revenues.”

“The Sitecore Community Solution Accelerator offers marketers a more seamless way to manage and blend owned and earned media. Digital marketing strategies and campaigns become more conversational and informative by combining social media applications and Web Content Management, seamlessly within an organization’s website. Furthermore, customer acquisition is improved by providing user generated content to guide in the research and buying lifecycle process.

Peer recommendations through social sharing features on Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogging, friending and following, provide conversation points and help drive qualified traffic to product pages. In addition, integration with multiple customer interaction channels including CRM systems and mobile applications provide a holistic view of the complete customer experience.”

The level of consumer interaction and customer experience can be the difference on whether they stay interested in your site or move on.

Additional benefits include:

  • Build stronger relationships between prospects, customers, channels, influencers, and brand – fosters brand advocacy
  • Gain more insight into how customers are using products and services
  • Enhance your brand by allowing executives and thought leaders to publicly publish content around products, services and trends

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