Sitecore introduces Adaptive Print Studio to bridge the gap between Web and Print

Sitecore today announced availability of its new technology that enables marketers and Web designers to utilize Sitecore’s Web platform as a central hub for all Adobe InDesign content including document layouts and settings. Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio brings together print and Web design teams to deliver more dynamic, personalized, customer-facing print media including annual reports, whitepapers, data sheets, brochures, catalogs and magazines.

“With Adaptive Print Studio we can now manage the entire Web and print process for our annual product catalog in less time and with fewer resources,” said Don Costello, manager of ecommerce, Uponor. “Product managers can update the catalog daily and get it into review cycles weeks prior to print production, proving a significant time and cost savings. In fact, we are looking at cutting down catalog production time from more than two-hundred days to less than twenty days. It’s changing the way we do business.”

Adaptive Print Studio works as plug-in to Adobe InDesign providing online access to work queue and the ability to pull content from Sitecore’s Content Management System (CMS) directly into InDesign. It brings rich content management capabilities to print designs in the InDesign and InCopy products, including team collaboration, multi-lingual management, security and workflow control and dynamic document delivery. Furthermore, Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio gives non-designers within marketing, sales, service and HR departments the freedom to customize PDF’s and print products from layout to publish.

“The design and print production of marketing materials takes up about 30 percent of a marketer’s budget and a significant amount of time is wasted because content creators rely on designers for layout and print needs,” said Darren Guarnaccia, senior vice president, product marketing, Sitecore. “Adaptive Print Studio gives marketing departments the freedom and flexibility to create professional PDFs and print collateral. The product is based on true collaboration, because the advanced features of Sitecore’s CMS such as workflows, drag and drop content, language management and security settings can also be used for print projects.”

Adaptive Print Studio brings the rich content management and digital marketing functionality marketers rely on for the Web, to print content. Benefits include:

  • Deliver targeted print content in real-time and connect customer behavior to online content and campaigns
  • Gain control of print content and shorten production time for print assets
  • Edit and create brochures and other print materials with no Adobe InDesign knowledge required
  • Reduce review cycles and faster time-to-market for printed collateral
  • Publish to any channel quickly and easily

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