Sitecore 7 Released, Boasting Advanced Search Based Architecture


Sitecore is a major player in the web content management (WCM) playing field. We've kept a close eye on this CMS for a long time, tracking their improvements and success. Just today, Sitecore announced the release of Sitecore 7, which is the latest iteration of the company's unified software suite.

Sitecore 7:  Introducing Search Based Architecture

Sitecore 7 is a big jump forward for their already-advanced suite of products. In fact, the new system marks a milestone in the industry as a whole. Sitecore 7 now has a search-based architecture, which means that the system can be highly tuned to the specific needs of audiences. When CMOs and other marketing professionals possess firm control of the entire range of customer interaction, they are thus able to define and refine the approach to match an audience exactly.

Less Limits. More Power.

Sitecore is a customer experience management software (CXM) in addition to a lot of other integrated systems. One major drawback of marketing CMSs or CXMs is their constraint on content and the scalability limitations. Sitecore 7 has completely redefined the playing field with their search based architecture advancement. The search technology is pluggable, meaning that users can select the Lucene/SOLR engine they prefer.

Already, Sitecore is a leader in CXM/CRM technology. They offer one of the only unified solutions in the industry. This enables companies to provide multichannel marketing integrated with CMS, marketing, engagement automation, analytics, business processes, external tools, and databases. The unified software is massive — sure, it requires a learning curve — but it's also very powerful.

By “power” we mean limitless content, too. Chris Odom, a developer for one of Sitecore's clients, sang his praises of the system: “There is no limit to the amount of content we can store.” Another component of Sitecore 7's power is its customization due to the search based architecture. Odom says, “Our marketers can be confident that they can deliver what customers want without worrying about losing customer interest or revenues due to content that wasn’t robust enough, or relevant enough or recent enough.”

The Power of Search

It's that search based architecture we keep coming back to that helps to set Sitecore 7 apart. Search is the way we live our lives, from Google queries to that Crtl+F keystroke to find content in a document. Customers and marketers alike will benefit from having a search based system. As Sitecore's SVP of Product Marketing explained, “More ability to seve up exactly the right item at the right time to the right person.”

We think that more CXMs will be drifting toward search based architecture in the years ahead.


The bottom line is this:  Sitecore 7 helps marketers better engage their audiences. A good CXM allows a company to better serve their audience. Improved audiences are solid customers. Sitecore 7 is a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Once again, Sitecore has proven that they can produce a system that lets marketers engage with their customers rather than get bogged down in content management and data manipulation. The new Sitecore 7 software suite is a powerful way to supercharge customer interaction, while possessing a powerful backend system.

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