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Simple Machines Forum 2.0 RC3 Available

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A new release candidate of SMF 2.0 is now available for testing. This is the 3rd release candidate for what will soon become Simple Machines Forum 2.0.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Several security-related fixes.
  • Better compatibility with RTL languages.
  • Added curvy headers to loads of tables throughout SMF for the best Curve experience.
  • Fine-tuned conversation view in the personal messages section.
  • Improved read tracking of topics; e.g. topics are now marked as read by pages, to allow easier resuming of reading.
  • Several tweaks to the WYSIWYG editor; now automatically disabled on mobile devices.
  • Post screens (new topic, etc) are center aligned again.
  • Buttons are now aligned much more consistently throughout SMF.
  • Row color alternation to most of the tables in the administrative areas.
  • Redesigned profile statistics centre.
  • Fixed install and upgrade script for PostgreSQL.
  • Updated help section.
  • Revamped SSI examples page.
  • Rephrasing of several error messages.
  • Improvements to the package manager's archive extraction algorithm.
  • Toggling of full size versions of resized images.
  • Altered styling for quotes and code blocks.

You can help test this release by downloading it from

CMS & Marketing / Simple Machines Forum 2.0 RC3 AvailableLast updated on January 5, 2019
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