SilverStripe 3.2 Beta Now Available

Silverstripe, the open source CMS, has rolled out the Beta for their latest release, SilverStripe 3.2.

With almost 100% backwards compatibility, improved documentation, a new interface and a new ORM, SilverStripe users have a lot to be excited about.

Here's a more detailed look at what SilverStripe 3.2 has in store.

New Interface & ORM

First of all, SilverStripe have, “spent a great deal of time” on enhancing their user interface, and the user experience as a result.

The publish, unpublish and delete actions have been overhauled, while many interface elements have been resized. Some elements are also now collapsible, giving users more space to work with if they wish.

Perhaps SilverStripe 3.2's most notable feature though, is the new ORM. Concerning this enhancement, SilverStripe have said the following:

“We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken towards modularity and clean code. As a result, we’ve split the old connector classes into smaller, more focused roles. You can still use your favourite database, and extending the ORM will be easier for you and maintaining it will be easier for us.

By default all SQL queries are parameterised as standard, meaning the threat of potential SQL injection vulnerabilities are all but eliminated.”

Also, thanks to the adoption of Semantic Versioning, SilverStripe 3.2 will be backwards compatible. Meaning that, existing code works and will continue to work in any 3.x version going forward.

To find out more about SilverStripe 3.2 Beta, head over to the SilverStripe blog.

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