Shopify Rolls Out Shop Section on Facebook Pages

Selling on Facebook is a lucrative prospect, and so Shopify has made sure that their users aren't left behind by introducing the “Shop section”.

Shopify's Shop section makes it easy for merchants to showcase their products directly on their Facebook Page, improving product visibility right off the bat.

But that's not all. A Shopify seller can then send potential buyers to checkout on their own website, or have it handled totally within the Facebook website or mobile app.

Facebook Store App on Shopify Steroids

Some merchants will be asking why this update means so much when a Facebook Store app already exists for Shopify users.

But in reality, the Shopify Shop section feature takes selling on Facebook to a whole new level.

Instead of having a Shop tab on your Facebook Page, Shopify products will now have their own section on the main page, making products easier to access for visitors. Furthermore, the Facebook Store app doesn't work on mobile, while Shopify's version does.

According to the official Shopify announcement:

“A small group of Shopify merchants have already been selling their products using the new Shop section, and over the coming weeks we’ll be making it available to all Shopify merchants — at no additional cost.”

So, Shopify sellers should keep their eyes peeled for an email or alert from Shopify, notifying them of their free update.

Merchants have expressed their delight in the comments section of Shopify's announcement, further embellishing this rather exciting feature. For without a doubt, shopping on Facebook has just taken a big step forward.

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