Serendipity CMS sees 1.5 upgrade

The open source content management system, Serendipity, the platform that runs this very site and our sister site, Linux Critic has been upgraded to 1.5.

(note: after we wrote this article, there was a bug found so the newest version is actually 1.5.1)

Additional details from the release announcement:

This version mainly addresses login security by changing our method how passwords are stored to use salted SHA1 checksums instead of plain MD5 checksums. This makes password retrieval (rainbow attacks, see special blog posting) through the database virtually impossible. Another thing is improved PHP 5.3 compatibility.

For users of our Bundled WYSIWYG-Editor Xinha users now have the ability to easily customize the appearance of this panel through a “my_custom.js” file inside the template directory (a draft of such a file can be found as fallback default in the htmlarea/subdirectory).

One cool new feature for developers is that now also templates can register themselves inside the plugin API hooks to execute specific things, that don't require installation of an event plugin.

Other news include:

  • new event API hooks
  • fixed PDF nail generation
  • ability to auto-scroll on borders when Drag/Dropping plugins
  • UTC server time zone support
  • improvements in the Smarty functions to easier use Serendipity as a CMS for individual entry output.
  • quicksearch improvements for doing a wildcard-search when too few searchresults were found on a fixed searchterm
  • support for Typepad anti-spam server-checks, additionally to Akismet

Minor improvements since the 1.5-beta1 release:

  • more PHP 5.3.0 compatibility improvements
  • Disallow uploading any files that contain “.php.” in the filename for extra security with Apache MimeMagic-Modules
  • expermiental PDO:SQlite support
  • usability improvements for the comment moderation panel (bottom-navigation, removed border increase)

Grab your copy today at the Serendipity website.