SEO Toaster, the new free and open-source integrated Web marketing software application

SEO Samba, the premier organic search & web marketing platform, will introduce SEO Toaster, its new free and open-source integrated Web marketing software application that no “do it yourself” entrepreneur should be without at this year’s annual PubCon.

SEO Toaster represents a serious alternative to Yahoo Stores for small e-commerce websites or WordPress when used as a corporate or affiliate CMS.  SEO Samba will showcase SEO Toaster at its exhibitor booth # 201 on November 11 and 12, and introduce it officially tonight as a sponsor of the Kick Off Networking Blast between 5.30 PM and 7.30 PM (PST).

SEO Toaster is a content management system (CMS) with an unique architecture that grows with your business, and makes piloting SEO execution and marketing for multiple websites from a central automated web marketing location possible. SEO Toaster makes it easier than ever for the small business owner to do the following:

  • Set-up their Web presence fast with an SEO CMS “right out of the box” solution:  no plug-in or complex set-up required
  • Embed all latest SEO techniques automatically right into their website from the get-go to achieve high rankings with Google and other search engines: No blog to read, or SEO expert fees to pay
  • Access a library of ready-to-use themes to jump-start your presence online
  • Have your regular web designer build, customize themes for your new or existing website is inexpensive thanks to the use of standard technologies and just 4 HTML and 2 CSS required templates
  • Add and edit their web pages without ever leaving their website thanks to front-end inline editing and pre-configured widgets such as featured areas, related pages, image gallery, comment system and more Sell products online with pre-built payment buttons for Paypal, 2checkout
  • Customize and integrate open source shopping cart and other applications
  • Build one, two, three and more money-making websites with SEO Toaster for free, then with a subscription to SEO Samba just a click away, centralize management of all your websites marketing and compound its effectiveness with access to powerful link building, Google News submission, email marketing, landing page optimization, Google Webmaster Tool and Web analytics modules, all of which are there to easily assist you in obtaining first-page rankings cost-effectively for multiple websites.

“We designed and introduced SEO Samba in December 2008 with the express purpose of automating many of the time consuming and manual search optimization processes,” said SEO Samba CEO, Michel Leconte. “Early adopters, such as B2B, franchises, affiliates, services and small e-commerce websites, have already seen the benefits of using SEO Samba, including building a Web presence that is cost-effective and producing thousands of top rankings in Google and other leading search engines. Case studies with actual live clients’ website rankings featured on our website at undeniably back our claims up.”

Leconte added: “We created SEO Toaster, for the millions of small business owners, affiliate marketers, and e-tailers who suffer from the lack of search engines rankings visibility, cost, expertise and time investment necessary to bring WordPress and the plug-in “can fix it all ” (albeit late and often not reliably) patchwork mentality, or Yahoo store and their very limited proprietary web marketing and SEO functionalities”

In comparison, SEO Toaster enables the entrepreneur, e-tailer, or local small business owner or marketer to quickly establish their Web marketing presence with a single overarching objective:

Acquire top websites rankings, generate leads and sales.

David Culot is SEO Samba CTO and the leading force behind the easy-to-use, and easy-to-design CMS software. Culot comments; “SEO Toaster use an easy, front-end CMS, where you log-in and simply surf your live website and edit content right onto the page itself, and building, importing or customizing a website theme takes as little as 30 minutes for a web designer.”  Unique features include automated re-directs; onsite optimized linking, and link sculpting using Java script, and everything is ready and easy-to-use out of the box.

SEO Toaster is also the first cloud CMS and offers a foundation to scale successful web businesses with a one-click subscription to SEO Samba. Leconte explains:

“When you reach the point where you want to take your website to the next level of visibility, can’t afford the time to pilot each of your websites individually, or have already standardized your network of franchise or affiliate websites on SEO Toaster, push one button, and all your websites come together under an unified interface. Your entire portfolio of websites is now ready to receive and execute your orders such as modifying all pages URL’s, creating optimized links across your websites, landing page experiments, Google news ready articles and press releases…” These are advanced unseen functionalities that no CMS, whether open source such as Joomla, or Drupal, nor proprietary CMS and web marketing software provides.

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