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Squarespace for Android Public Beta Begins

Squarespace has answered the call of its Android using fan base. Squarespace has released two new apps for public beta testing; Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Note. As one of the most popular website builders on the market, Squarespace allows users to build blogs, online stores, portfolio websites and more, using a sleek, user-friendly interface. iOS users have been enjoying Squarespace... Read More →

Squarespace Reveals New Templates for Cover Pages

Squarespace has improved upon its Cover Pages feature, which came alongside the release of Squarespace 7 back in 2014. As one of the leading website builders on the market, Squarespace was chosen for coverage over at Website Builders Critic. The platform's Cover Pages can be used as a bold introduction to a Squarespace website, or as a standalone landing page.... Read More →

Squarespace Metrics Released for iPad

Following the recent success of Metrics for iPhone, Squarespace have now released Squarespace Metrics for iPad as a universal download. Squarespace is a hosted website builder which powers millions of websites around the web. The platform was also named the winner of our 2012 Critic’s Choice Awards for Best Website Builder. With Squarespace Metrics, iPad users can now monitor key... Read More →

SquareSpace shows off sneak peak at upcoming version and accepts beta test signups

SquareSpace has announced that they are going to be accepting applicants for beta testing of the new, upcoming version of SquareSpace CMS. According to the blog post: Squarespace V6 is a reinvention of many core Squarespace concepts that will become the foundation for our company over the years to come. It allows the extremely talented folks who work on Squarespace... Read More →

Squarespace Reveals Customizable Lock Screens the Squarespace Style Editor. Users can also upload their own images for their lock screens, with Squarespace recommending a minimum image width of 1500px. To find out more about Squarespace's new lock screens, check out their official blog announcement. Otherwise, be sure to explore more of Squarespace via our CMS Directory. Otherwise, you can start your Squarespace website today.... Read More →

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