Search Engine Optimization with Magnolia CMS

As we know, search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component for competitive success. Magnolia CMS has published a new Tech Brief ” Search Engine Optimization with Magnolia CMS” that lays out what it means on a content management system level to keep current with various SEO best practices:

• Creating W3C compliant code
• Providing a sitemap
• Enabling secure crawler access
• Creating search-friendly URL
• Providing a shallow site architecture
• Inserting HTML links
• Preventing broken links
• Categorizing content
• Redirecting traffic
• Optimizing images
• Managing multi-language and multi-regional sites
• Inserting keywords in page titles and description meta elements
• Enhancing your site's link popularity
• Attracting visitors to your site

Please visit: to download the free PDF (no registration necessary).