Saving the World’s Workforce — One DMS at a Time


Workplace labor, particularly that of the unskilled and unnecessarily time-consuming variety, has greatly cost the global economy in recent years.

Issues such as frequent employee turnover are costly in many ways (studies suggest that each time a salaried employee has to be replaced, it costs 6-9 months’ salary, for example). Employee retention remains a challenging and expensive problem for most employers. But one piece of software can mitigate— and maybe even overthrow—many organization-wide issues. Efficient processes and educated, efficient workers are the backbone of global economic health, and Document Management Software (DMS) can help revitalize the global economy.

You may be thinking it sounds unrealistic (or at least overly optimistic) to say the right DMS can help retain talented employees, boost worker morale, and even improve employee wellness. However, it’s not too good to be true. Here are 5 ways DMS can help save the world’s workforce.

1. DMS = Happier Employees

“I sure love my time-consuming, manual paper processes!” said no employee, ever. Yet that is what a lot of employees spend a lot of time doing, even in this high-tech Information Age. Not only are these archaic methods of pushing paper incredibly painful for the employees pushing it, they are costly for the organization.

Science has proven that happy employees are more productive employees—see recent studies by the University of Warwick or Harvard’s Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage is full of engaging stats on the subject). Warwick’s Dr. Sgroi says, “The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.”

Employees who are empowered with cutting-edge technologies that make their work life easier and much less mundane are happier on the job. And, since happier employees are even more efficient, that makes for lots of happier bosses, as well.

2. DMS Helps Retain (and Expand) Talent

Employee attrition is expensive. In today’s economic climate, companies are fighting to attract, train, and retain valuable workforce. Going paperless through DMS frees up time, money, and resources to acquire and train human capital internally instead of accessing it from universities, staffing programs, or other third parties. Unskilled labor is the result of insufficient training, and insufficient training can be resolved through DMS.

Employees enjoy being valuable assets, and, as a precursor to establishing their value, employees can increase productivity by using the right document management software. Employees also appreciate continuing education and skill acquisition opportunities, which can be implemented in lieu of counterintuitive, outdated application training.  Employers find this generates a great return on their human capital investment.

3. DMS Optimizes Human Capital

In economics, human capital refers to the economic value of a person’s or group of people’s labor. Any paper-based office management process reduces employees’ output, and therefore human capital. If your employees are spending time walking to printers, or searching through drawers for files (this is much more costly than you’d think), you’re losing valuable human capital resources.

Going paperless through DMS optimizes human capital through automation, simplified workflow, reduced document storage redundancy, and other cost savings.

4. DMS Reduces White Collar Manual Labor

Although paper-based offices are seldom viewed as a source of manual labor, paper-dependency is to organizations what the shovel is to the coal mine, or the hammer is to the construction site. Whether your employees are wearing white collars or a hard hat, paperwork is equal to grunt work for your labor force.

Eliminate this wasteful (and morale-crushing) burden through DMS, and ‘de-manualize’ your labor.

5. DMS Means Time for the Important Stuff– Like Ping Pong Tournaments

What do you do with all that time you’re saving as a paperless office? How about a little friendly inter-office ping pong competition? Office karaoke, anyone?  With all the time and money you’re recouping with your DMS, you can easily shut the office down early one afternoon and have an employee picnic instead.

Companies around the world have figured out that employee wellness is key to their success. Just check out Google; with on-campus bowling alleys, gyms, and scooters for employees to ride around the office, they know the formula for employee creativity. DMS frees up time and resources so you can splurge on some office fun.

Other DMS benefits include cross-cultural collaboration to a worldwide workforce. DMS eliminates knowledge silos that paper-dependent organizations bring when attempting to bridge communication and cultural barriers in the age of globalization. DMS adoption leads to interconnectivity, optimized performance, and streamlined economic progress at the global level, as well as across departments within your own office building.

The right electronic document management system plays an integral role not only in optimizing your organization’s work environment, but perhaps the economy’s as a whole. It’s time for your organization to go paper-free and help save the world’s workforce—one DMS implementation at a time.#

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