SalsaAPI 2.0: the next-generation content intelligence engine

salsaDev SA is happy to announce it just closed its Series A Financing round exceeding $1 Mio, with institutional and private investors. salsaDev is simultaneously releasing its new product, salsaAPI 2.0 (, leveraging the 2nd generation of its flagship technology. salsaAPI automates text analysis and semantic indexing on large volumes of information, helping organizations reach the next level of content intelligence.

The salsaAPI 2.0 offers a powerful RESTful API to index various sources of raw content, automatically enrich it with additional metadata and match it with texts of similar meanings. The product combines a comprehensive set of features into one single offering, including text analysis, intelligent search & discovery and content mining. As opposed to several competitors, the product can be used online or onsite and can be easily embedded within any 3rd party sites or applications.

“salsaAPI provides a unique set of features in the industry. An example is its auto-categorization capability, which enables every user to create its own classification schema by training the system with a few texts of reference. The software is then able to automatically categorize all new incoming documents accordingly. Another example is its built-in ability to extract sense from millions of content items, and to let end-users find related information by simply highlighting a portion of a text. This is exactly at the opposite of how classical keyword search operates” explains Nicolas Gamard, CEO and co-founder of the company. “salsaAPI provides an out-of-the-box capability for organizations to intelligently organize and analyze their heterogeneous information sources”.

The rise of unstructured content within organizations is making smart technologies like this worth the investment. salsaDev has for example recently been mandated by Euresearch, the Swiss guide to European Research, to automate the matching between industrial R&D activities and all of the available public funding opportunities. “More than €50 billion is at stake” says Euresearch Director Olivier Küttel, highlighting the importance of enabling people to quickly find the right information. The technology is also of considerable help to organizations having to deal with lots of unstructured but semantically rich content assets, in the fields of financial services, digital media and legal publishing.

Convert any raw content into relevant findings. That is our disruptive vision.

About salsaDev

salsaDev is a European software company whose mission is to deliver an intelligent software suite to information-intensive customers and partners. Through its innovative technology, salsaDev fundamentally changes the way enterprises organize, enrich and access information. Since its foundation in 2009, the company has been a privately held company with HQ in Geneva, Switzerland. salsaDev is a winner of RedHerring Europe 2010 and of the Jury vote at SemTech 2010.