Rochen announces new Proactive Cyber Security Notification service

Rochen Ltd., a specialist in performance driven and secure web hosting for Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress, is now offering a proactive vulnerability notification service, Rochen Alert, to its global clientele.

Rochen has partnered with in an OEM agreement.

Chris Adams, Founder & CEO of Rochen Ltd, said:

“Rochen offers a fully proactively managed hosting platform optimized for popular scripts like Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. We manage everything security related for our customers at the hosting platform layer. Our customers are responsible for managing their actual script installs though and it has often been difficult for them to keep track of when updates for their scripts are released and in particular third-party extensions or plug-ins for those scripts. This has all been made easier with today's release of Rochen Alert.”

Since many cyber-attacks occur at the script level, maintaining a patched and up-to-date site is vital to proper security. Keeping up with the number of patches and updates can be a time consuming task. With Rochen Alert, subscribers are notified about any vulnerabilities quickly. For example, if a vulnerability were to be discovered with an obscure third-party extension for Joomla then Rochen Alert subscribers would be notified about the threat almost instantly along with a recommended course of action.

According to a recent cyber security industry study it was found that most of the attacks could be prevented by taking simple preventative actions. Tom Canavan, a cyber-security expert and CEO of, said: “With cyber-crime on the rise, we see the launch of Rochen Alert as an important step in reducing the number of successful attacks against websites.”

Rochen Alert is available exclusively to existing Rochen customers for $95.95 per year and subscribers can choose which security alerts they wish to receive. Learn more at

About Rochen Ltd.

Rochen is a specialist in “performance hosting”, providing premium business hosting, reseller hosting, virtualized computing and enterprise hosting solutions with a focus on Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Rochen owns and manages their servers and does not simply lease hardware from a larger data center. Rochen uses the best quality Supermicro enterprise-grade hardware and performance tunes all of their servers to ensure sites are served fast and reliably. When ordering a plan from Rochen, customers can choose to either host on a US or UK server. Visit Rochen at

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