RMG’s new CMS platform breaks new ground in digital signage

The average consumer spent 66 minutes a week looking at out of home signage in 2016[i]. In such a busy market place businesses need to ensure their use of signage is consistent and clear to truly be noticed and engage with their audiences. To address this, RMG Networks has today announced the launch of its powerful new Content Management System (CMS), Korbyt.

This leading platform is the first of its kind to enable organisations to communicate to multiple users on various different formats from one single platform, whether it’s to large AV LED displays, regular screens, desktop computers or mobile devices. Supported by the most popular web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS, and able to run on any JavaScript based technology, Korbyt can be integrated into any IT infrastructure. With a mobile application available on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, administrators can target and reach their audience wherever they are, regardless of device.

Korbyt can be used across a broad and diverse range of sectors, and is particularly relevant to the internal communications, retail and hospitality industries. Its ability to deliver one piece of content to a business’s many users with consistent messaging makes it an invaluable communications tool.

The platform is flexible enough though to be tailored to individual users, making it ideal for delivering personal messages; whether that’s a bolt-on promotion to a retail customer for a recent purchase, a tailored message about performance to an employee, or news about what is available to a hotel visitor. The fact that the platform has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, it’s easy to see how content will appear to audiences. Users can then gain insights into how people have engaged with the content based on metadata and analytics and use that insight to target content most effectively in the future.

The scalability and flexibility of Korbyt means that it can be used effectively by all sizes of organisations needing to communicate and engage with an audience. Customers can use the platform on premise or from the Cloud, suiting the needs of SMEs up to multi-destination international businesses.

Speaking about the launch, Robert Michelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of RMG says “We are very proud of the work we have done to bring Korbyt to our customers. This launch marks a genuine step forward when it comes to managing a digital signage network and we believe Korbyt is the leading visual CMS platform on the market today. The digital signage industry is evolving rapidly, and leading technology packages such as Korbyt provide organisations with a means to speak to their audiences clearly. We’re confident that Korbyt will prove to be invaluable to organisations”.

Learn more at https://www.korbyt.com/