Revolutionize Corporate Staff Training with LearnCore

Running an organization with a large number of employees is no easy task, especially when regular staff training needs to be carried out to ensure that industry knowledge is not just maintained, but also increased.

LearnCore is a modernized learning management system built from the ground up to offer a user-friendly experience to both administrators and learners. The LearnCore platform can enhance the training content your organization already offers, via personalized course and test creation, direct user management, social features, and even constructive gamification.

Thanks to a careful blend of these features, LearnCore is a training platform that actively engages the user on a number of levels, making the overall learning experience a far more effective one.

A Powerful Learning Environment

LearnCore offers administrators every essential tool needed to build a comprehensive course and testing system for corporate staff.

Administrators can quickly and easily construct questions, tests and courses based on existing staff training materials. Various forums of content can be uploaded and arranged into bite-sized modules, perfect to help staff brush up n their industry knowledge.

LearnCoredoesn't stop there though. Administrators have access to detailed analytics and tracking features, which can relay updates on the progress of different staff members, including their course completion rates, average scores and all other activity within the LearnCore platform.


Organizations also have the freedom to create specific user types, giving each type different levels of access to various features and modules. Users are created extremely quickly using the user management interface, requiring only a full name and corresponding email address.

Keeping Staff Trained, Yet Entertained

Any software that seeks to modernize the way users interact with information, will need to ensure that it is moving with the times in terms of accessibility – and that's exactly what LearnCore has done.

For example, the platform is perfect for teams who are regularly on the move, relying on mobile devices to keep on top of their work. As a SaaS (Software as a Service), LearnCore lives in the cloud, which frees it up to be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, including smart phone and tablets. LearnCore's responsive nature means that no matter which device is used, the user will experience the platform in a smooth, device-tailored way.


Additionally, LearnCore has an integrated both social and gamification features in ways which will promote learning and discussion between team members.

The discussion forums existing within the software, enable administrators and general users alike to ask questions, share information and interact with each other in a constructive fashion.

Accolades and credentials can also be awarded to team members whenever they pass modules or courses, which will help keep users engaged, and entertained as they get through their educational content at office, at home or in the office.


What's more is, LearnCore has cleverly integrated gamification features, including credentials and accolades which can be awarded to users whenever they pass courses.

These awards, along with the social forums and mobile accessibility, will all help to keep users engaged, and entertained as they get through their educational content at office, at home or in the office.

To learn more about what LearnCore can offer your organization in terms of revolutionizing your staff training programs, visit their website.

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