Notepin Review

Notepin ( is a note taking and blogging platform that launched in 2017, and has been growing in popularity. The web-based system has a minimalist approach, which provides for a distraction free platform for users to enjoy. For such a simple service, it is really able to offer a lot to its users. Whether you are looking for an easy place to take notes that you can access from anywhere, or you want to launch your own blog, this is a good option to consider.

The founder of Notepin, Osman Ahmed, said this about his platform, “it is a note-taking platform which comes with the optional ability to transform your notebook into a public blog.” Quite an interesting concept, and one that many people have been taking advantage of.

Getting Started with Notepin

One of the biggest perks of using Notepin is that you don’t need to make an account to use the service. When you browse to the site, you simply click the ‘or write anonymously’ to begin taking notes, writing a blog post, or just having fun. It will generate a random URL that you can then access from anywhere.

Notepin get started button and write anonymously button

If you want something more memorable, you can create your own URL using any available word or phrase. Even taking this route does not require you to create an account, verify an email, or take any other action. If you want to make sure that you’re the only one who can read or edit your page, you simply add a password (which still doesn’t require an account). To put it simply, this is the fastest and easiest way to start typing up notes or blogging you’ll find.

Creating an account screen

Extremely Minimalist Approach

As soon as you access the Notepin site you’ll see that it is a distraction-free environment, and that continues on to the writing & editing pages as well. There are virtually no menus, very few editing features, and nothing to get in the way of your focusing on the writing. This is ideal for people who want to create quick posts, take notes for themselves, or quickly publish content to their site.

When browsing a page as a viewer there won’t be much besides the text that was posted by the author. There can also be basic images but most pages don’t even have that. The full focus of this platform is on the content and making it as easy as possible to access.

Free Features

Anyone can use the Notepin system free of charge. The free plan comes with just one theme. Free users will also be restricted to posting text only with no images or video. All users, including those on the free plan, will have the option for visitors to share the posts on Twitter and like the posts on the site itself. These options can be disabled by the author if they don’t want this type of social interaction.

Free users can create a unique custom URL where their content will be posted. The URL to access content will be formatted like this: Users can choose whatever they want (as long as it is unused) to replace the ‘ExampleNotes’ portion of the URL. This not only makes it very easy to remember, but also allows authors to have some level of branding. Authors who want to have their content published to their own domain will have to upgrade to one of the two premium plans.

Notepin blog URL

Premium Features

If you want to take your page to the next level, you can sign up for one of the two premium feature packs. The ‘Pro’ plan is just $11 per year, and the blogging plan is $19 per year. Both of these plans add multiple different themes to help improve the look of your page. The themes are still relatively basic, which goes well with the overall minimalist approach to the service. The premium services also allow higher quality images to be used, ambient sounds to be added to the site, text to speech options, and more.

The benefit of using the blogging plan is that you can have email subscriptions, a custom domain, Google Analytics information, custom SEO options, private posts, and the branding from Notepin is removed. Given the fact that both of these premium packages are quite inexpensive, it is a great deal for those who want to start their own blog.

premium features

Is Notepin a Good Platform?

While Notepin is certainly not for everyone, it has some unique features that make it a really interesting platform that many people love. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get started with publishing your content, or you just need a convenient place to take notes, this is clearly an excellent choice. For those who want to run a minimalist blog, Notepin may be the ideal solution. It really is extremely fast and extremely easy not just to get started, but to continue publishing long into the future.