Rethink Scalability When Generating Landing Pages

When thinking about which landing page platform to use for your brand, the quantity of your landing pages matter just as much as their quality. Choose a platform that can generate many landing pages, all the while keeping personalization at scale without compromising quality.

The benefits to having more landing pages are the various conversion and inbound marketing opportunities. More landing pages means a higher chance that visitors convert, in addition to more places to display social media links and promotions.

More landing pages also mean more targeting opportunities. Most leading landing page platforms have integrated analytics that gather information from incoming traffic, such as location, interests, search activity, and more. This will give you more data to work with to optimize your marketing campaign.

With each landing page platform comes unique strengths that cater to each brand’s needs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that most features are universal across all landing page platforms. To list a couple of strengths of some leading platforms: Unbounce has a vast array of features including full customizable templates and fast page load times; Leadpages allows for generating quick high-quality pages; Instapage has a user-friendly interface with diverse templates; OptimizePress provide options for a more “branded” look; RallyMind deploys 10s to 100s of landing pages with unique fields.

The ideal landing page platform is able keep up with both small and large-scale campaigns with the ability to efficiently customize specific fields within each landing page. Rethink scalability for your brand.