Release of jAPS 2.0 Entando version 2.2.2

Tzente S.r.l. is proud to announce the release of jAPS 2.0 Entando, version 2.2.2. The new release is available for download on Sourceforge. For those unfamiliar with jAPS, it is a CMS framework and portal all rolled up into one neat and tidy package. Here are some of the features of this unique, open source platform:


  • free configuration of the browsing structure
  • pages built by configuration or by widget
  • automatic menus driven by a simple, yet powerful, meta-language of rules
  • user authentication: local, remote, or both
  • Single Sign On supported
  • role-based authorizations
  • 100% free presentation models, compatible with accessibility, mashup, and every markup language
  • native multi-language
  • SEO support


  • XML based independent web contents archive, with total separation between the information and the ways to render it
  • custom structure of contents, with semantics
  • contents can be internally linked with each other
  • advanced validation tools, also for references (link, images, documents…)
  • categories
  • archives for images and documents
  • manual and automatic publishing systems
  • search engine with real time indexing
  • autonomous multi-channell rendering engine
  • easy-to-use backoffice, for non-technical users
  • two clients for the administration area: one normal and accessible, and one advanced
  • workflow

Social and Collaboration

  • RSS and RSS aggregator
  • integration with social network
  • shared calendar
  • polls and surveys
  • newsletter
  • webmail
  • notice board
  • forum
  • feedback and comments
  • crowdsourcing
  • blog

Here some of the new features available in this version:

  • New Admin Area Interface: Category Detail
  • New Admin Area Interface: Group Detail
  • Function for changing file for single cms resource
  • Function for reloading image resource instances
  • Function for changing the parameters of the user showlets
  • Improvement of content model gui interface
  • Improvement of “content list” showlet; added new parameters: titles, extra link, user filter options
  • Improvement of “edit Resource” interface; added content references interface

In this new version we added the option to have new shortcut from the front-end to the administration area. An example of how to realize the shortcut is available in PortalExample package.

The following packages are available on Sourceforge:

  • jAPS 2.0 entando SRC
  • jAPS 2.0 entando PortalExample Project
  • jAPS 2.0 entando jAPSIntra Project

More information about the features of the new version are available in the ChangeLog file inside the package.