Real Magnet Integrates Social and Email Messaging and Tracking

Real Magnet announces the launch of Social Magnet, a new channel integrated into its award-winning platform which fully integrates the composition, distribution and tracking of social messages alongside email and mobile. The Real Magnet application provides data on clicks, conversions and other engagement metrics by message and by channel.

“In marketing, nothing is more powerful than knowledge,” said Tom Pines, Real Magnet’s CEO. “We integrated social functionality fully into the Real Magnet application so that marketers can compare quickly how much interaction each message in each channel is driving.” The application uses a proprietary URL shortener (compatible with branded shortened URLs) to append data for tracking purposes, allowing marketers to view clicks, retweets, likes, comments and even conversions across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the inbox. “Much more than just a dashboard to view your social feeds and send messages, Real Magnet is fully integrated, giving marketers the same insight and accountability into their social channels that they have long enjoyed for email,” stated Pines.

Real Magnet’s Director of Insights, Mike May, is responsible for educating marketers on how to use the powerful cross-channel comparative data the Real Magnet application provides. “On the one hand, simply funneling all your messaging through the Real Magnet application lets marketers see exactly how much productivity each campaign is getting out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email,” stated May. “But we also know that messages perform differently in each channel, which allows marketers to tailor content for the channels where it drives the most results. This lowers the signal-to-noise ratio, helping every message become more targeted and relevant, lifting results across all channels.”

Social Magnet is now available to marketers using the Real Magnet application, and is integrated fully with the platform’s composition, distribution and tracking functionality. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit