ProcessWire 2.3 Released

ProcessWire, the winner of our Best Free CMS award in last year's Critic's Choice Awards, has a new release available for public consumption. Thanks to numerous optimizations and improvements, ProcessWire 2.3 is the fastest, smartest and most capable version yet.

In version 2.3 of ProcessWire, major upgrades have been made throughout the entire system. If you are using an older version of ProcessWire, now is a good time to upgrade to ProcessWire 2.3. If you are not yet using ProcessWire, version 2.3 is a great place to start. Below is a partial list of what's been added and changed.

  • Optimized selector engine making ProcessWire faster and more accurate than ever before.
  • Installer upgrades, including the ability to specify your admin URL at install time.
  • Multi-language page names to round out our multi-language fields (dev branch).
  • New session handling features enabling you to use your database for session storage.
  • Image support updates including custom API-level cropping support.
  • Tagging of fields and templates for admin grouping.
  • Default admin theme upgrades including improved mobile support (responsive).
  • Numerous input field upgrades and additions for greater customizability and validation.
  • Password system updates now supporting enhanced security with PHP 5.3+.
  • Comments fieldtype additions like a new website field, Gravatar support and more.
  • File and image fieldtype upgrades including support for tags and queryable created/modified timestamps.
  • Support for secured page files: now file-based assets can have access control too.
  • Great new core API functions and methods.
  • Implementation of all jQuery traversal functions in our API.
  • Great new core modules and classes.
  • Numerous other upgrades and additions!

For more details about these upgrades and additions, please see our extended ProcessWire 2.3 press release.

About ProcessWire

ProcessWire is a friendly and powerful open source CMS and CMF with an exceptionally strong foundation. With all custom fields, an easy-to-use jQuery-inspired API, and a powerful page selector engine, ProcessWire will rise to any task.

Clients love ProcessWire for its no-fuss simplicity and ease of use when editing their site. Designers and developers love ProcessWire for its thoughtful, easy and powerful API-driven approach that keeps them in control of the markup and makes development fun again. Not to mention, ProcessWire's API can also be booted from other applications or command-line scripts, bringing entire new levels of accessibility to your content.

ProcessWire is a modern SEO specialist's dream come true. It uses logical, readable and search-friendly URLs that always reflect the content's home in the tree. Meaning you'll never have to worry about multiple URLs or play duplicate content games. With full markup control, all custom fields, and support for runtime URL segments, ProcessWire lets you take full advantage of all the on-site SEO possibilities without wasting your time on long irrelevant tags and tricks.

ProcessWire is designed for the needs of today and not limited by the past. It is equally at home powering small-to-large scale standards-friendly websites, mobile websites, JSON/XML web services, Flash applications, AJAX-driven content, iPhone/Android applications, and more. This output agnosticism drives ProcessWire's simplicity and makes it support, rather than interfere with your work.

ProcessWire is a mature product that comes from a strong bloodline of content management systems developed over nearly a decade. ProcessWire runs beautifully on web servers running PHP 5.3.8+ and MySQL 5.