ProcessWire 2.2 release aims to be simple to use and developer conscious

ProcessWire proudly releases their third major release. Version 2.2 offers some exciting features for users, administrators, and developers alike. We wanted to feature a few of these improvements.

What is new with ProcessWire 2.2?

Multi-site Multi-domain management functionality

Larger company's websites are growing to the point that one domain and one webpage is not enough. Having multiple web pages has proved valuable in marketing particular company initiatives in detail. ProcessWire implements the ability to manage these multiple sites on the same installation. They offer a “multiple sites with multiple databases” approach which allows each site to operate independently, and a “multiple sites from the same database” option which allows data sharing between sites. With this flexibility, large scale management and deployment becomes a simpler task.

Improvement to Page Editing

Fields now allow row and column editing. Another feature is editing “field-template context: the ability to modify the settings of a field according to what template it is used with.” ProcessWire provides a short video demonstrating these improvements.

ProcessWire focuses on being simple, user friendly, and developer conscious using well know coding standards. The list of features below testifies to their commitment to providing a CMS that is customizable to fit your needs and a joy for users.

  • New module dependencies support.
  • New module auto install and uninstall support, to correspond with dependencies.
  • New ‘page-create' permission to Setup > Templates > Template > Access.
  • Updated TinyMCE version and added new configuration options.
  • Added new Page Clone module to core (may be installed from Admin > Modules).
  • Added ability to create new pages automatically from a Page reference input field. See video.
  • New Indentation of fieldsets in the template editor for better readability.
  • Improvements to error log output.
  • Addition of several new hooks, especially in the $pages API variable and files Inputfield.
  • Added new ‘Site' link in default admin theme.
  • Continued improvements to the admin UI for faster and easier site building.
  • Numerous new plugin modules and admin themes for version 2.2 from our devoted community.

For more detail and information on ProcessWire please visit their site