Preview of the Features in Hannon Hill's Upcoming Cascade Server 7.2

We have been fortunate enough to be first to receive a video preview of the features that will be available in Hannon Hill's upcoming Cascade Server 7.2 release. Yesterday, they released  Cascade Server 7.2 beta for those interested in testing.

One of the improvements to the user interface is the ability to drag and drop webpages within the website structure. A user with this ability activated will be able to drag and drop a webpage or other asset into a different folder on their site, and upon doing so, that user will be presented with additional options for renaming and republishing that webpage in its new location.

In addition to drag and drop moving, there are several other user interface features included in the beta release of Cascade Server 7.2, such as automatic saving of drafts in the background of the application, an updated format editing user interface, clickable labels enabling easier selection of options throughout different parts of the system, auto-complete site switching for navigating between sites in Cascade Server, an easy way for administrators to check which effective abilities a user has for a given site, and preview functionality to the format editing interface.

“Improving the user experience in Cascade Server has been our focus for quite some time now,” emphasized Hannon Hill Lead Software Engineer Mike Strauch. “There are few things more frustrating than a powerful piece of software that is difficult to use, which is why I love the improvements we've made to format editing and saving of drafts; things feel much more seamless.”

Check out the video preview to get a first look at the new features:

 [[cascade 72]]

If you are interested in learning more or testing their beta, visit Hannon Hill.