PrestaShop: a Free, Feature-filled Online Store Builder With a Thriving Community

When you build a website – or in this case, an online store, it's nice to feel the support of a community behind you. PrestaShop recognise, and facilitate that.

The free to use, user friendly online store builder boasts a fully fledged online forum with discussions spanning a range of topics related to PrestaShop itself, and the wider prospect of selling online.

But there's more to PrestaShop than just a thriving online community. In fact, the platform is bursting at the seams with features.

Online Store Features Galore

PrestaShop has over 310 built-in features and functionalities, accompanied by over 3,500 modules and templates. Naturally then, building a unique online store with the platform should be a piece of cake.

The admin dashboard is simple, yet it doesn't leave much out. After signing in, you'll be presented with vital store information relating to sales, page views, and other statistics. All areas of your online store can be accessed and modified within the dashboard, giving you complete control over how your store looks and works.

Some of the general features you'll eventually come across in PrestaShop will allow you to optimize your website for search engines, create marketing campaigns, review website statistics, and more.


Additionally, PrestaShop's Official Marketplace provides pretty much everything you need to make your online store the best it can possibly be.

With a myriad of themes and modules to choose from, you can go about implementing new payment options, marketing tools, customer service functions, and so forth.

The PrestaShop Official Marketplace even holds regular sales, giving its worldwide community a chance to grab high quality modules and templates at discounted prices.

A Professional Helping Hand

With so many features to learn and implement, PrestaShop offer a range of training courses to help you get the hang of their platform.

PrestaShop's dedicated training courses are held online, in English, at various points throughout the year. The online courses offer two days worth of helpful content, offered in three packages to target different user types, from complete beginner to aspiring PrestaShop expert.


The help doesn't stop there though. You can also purchase further guides and training packages from the PrestaSgop Marketplace.

So, whether you're a brand new online merchant looking for some professional advice, or if you simply want to optimize your store and your selling skills to the best of your ability, PrestaShop can offer the helping hand you need.

A Sense of Community

As previously mentioned, PrestaShop offers an interestingly active online forum community, where users can ask questions, share strategies and learn about the extensive features within the PrestaShop platform.


The forum allows you to discuss general PrestaShop issues, third-party modules, themes, and even job offers.

Some of the discussion boards within the PrestaShop community hold thousands upon thousands of topics and replies. Hence, finding solutions to problems, and ideas for improving your store should come very easily. Not to mention, it's nice knowing that  you have a like-minded community to fall back on if you were to face any issues.

Also, to accommodate PrestaShop's international user base, the forums have dedicated sections for a very wide range of languages and regions, allowing you to connect not just with other PrestaShop users, but local ones too.

Does PrestaShop sound good? Find out more about PrestaShop via our CMS Directory. Or, check out their website to download PrestaShop for yourself.