PrestaShop Now Available - Brings New Features to Users

A new minor release of PrestaShop is available. This new release, while minor, does bring a few new features that users have been waiting for. Let's take a look at what you can expect from this update.

With each release, the PrestaShop community is involved in providing feedback to further expand the product by adding features, fixing bugs and more. In this release, a package of optimizations that will allow merchants to make considerable time savings in their recurring store management tasks has been incorporated.

  • SEO optimizations have been made to the pages for categories, brands & suppliers, content (CMS); this brings an added advantage in terms of SEO rankings for stores as they are better recognized by search engines;
  • A dynamic preview (on Google) of product meta tags is now featured, which is useful for ensuring that tags are completed and positioned correctly;
  • Editing of specific prices: no need to edit and then delete specific prices for each promotion! From now on, and with just a few clicks, merchants will be free to modify the specific prices created for their products (including dates, countries, combinations, etc.), which will make it easier to set up promotional activities throughout the year;
  • Physical stock management: it is possible to add a reference on customer order pages to indicate the physical location of the products in storage (shelf, aisle, warehouse, etc.). This storage location is specified on the product pages in the merchants' back office. An essential tool for facilitating order processing and preparation;
  • Now more intuitive, the new categorization for installed modules will make it easier to access these modules by using more precise terms and a sort by last use feature;
  • A different menu structure suited to Mobile browsing will add more user comfort and offer a more seamless experience;
  • Optimized page loading times (chiefly the homepage, categories, products, order history pages) will lend greater responsiveness and performance: loading time will be between 15% and ten times quicker depending on the pages and usage scenarios.

– Updates to receive notifications for the functions that need to be updated to their latest version.

– Alerts to receive notifications about any alerts requiring rapid response (e.g. if a module needs to be configured or, more rarely, if it is corrupt).

This purpose of this new configuration is to make this page more legible with a direct view of pending actions with varying degrees of urgency;

  • For new merchants, tips and advice on configuring SEO for the homepage is available on the SEO & URLs page. This provides better guidance on SEO for on-line stores in line with the criteria set out by the various search engines;

For a full list of addons, features and fixes, visit the announcement: