PrestaShop Brings About Long List of Tweaks & Enhancements

PrestaShop have unveiled a (very) long list of enhancements, released under the name of PrestaShop v1.6.0.9.

The open-source eCommerce platform powers millions of online stores across the globe, boasting a range of useful features out of the box, along with a healthily populated app and theme store. I covered everything you need to know about them in my PrestaShop Review.

In keeping with PrestaShop's focus on community, they listed to 69 different users to help them compile a list of bugs that needed fixing, and a list of enhancements that needed introducing.

Together with their community, here's some of what they came up with:

  • Smarty update to 3.1.19
  • Improvements for the Block Layered Navigation
  • Optimization of the database loading time for large catalogs and categories
  • Better implementation of HTML Purifier
  • Mobile detection has been updated for improved stability

The remaining bug fixes and improvements – which are well over a hundred in number – can be seen via the changelog. Or, you can simply download PrestaShop

To find out more about PrestaShop, check out their website.

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