Pressidium Launches First WordPress Hosting Platform With Enterprise-grade Architecture

The UK-based startup Pressidium has launched the first ever WordPress hosting platform and management portal with enterprise-grade architecture. 

According to Pressidium, their “Pressidium Pinnacle Platform” is, “Built with webscale technologies and systems specifically optimized to deliver incredible speed, unparalleled availability and uptime for WordPress.”

Let's take a closer look at what's on offer, and what it means to WordPress users.

Web Hosting Powerhouse

With features like clustered master-master replicated databases and parallel file-systems on offer, Pressidium are serving up a powerhouse hosting solution. Further features include parallel file-systems, managed auto-updates and backups. Pinnacle users can also deploy a websites in less than 45 seconds.

Pinnacle also gives users reliability and up-time, Highly-Available Architecture on every layer, Automatic Scalability, Full server management, and Automated backups among many other features.

Such features are only ever seen in large and costly enterprise environments, and now WordPress users have access. 

Andrew Georges, Co-founder of Pressidium, and former Systems Engineering & Design Director at Southeast Europe’s Media and Telecom giant Forthnet, made these comments upon the release of Pinnacle:

“We all had the vision of creating a boutique-managed web hosting service that offers ALL WordPress users access to technology that provides the very top levels of safety, reliability and security. Every member of our team wanted to engineer a hosting service that would take the managed web hosting industry by storm.”

Furthermore, the Pressidium network currently includes two main origin data-centers in London and Amsterdam with more planned ahead and edge delivery servers located in data-centers at another 22 locations across the globe.

“A Technological Work of Art”

Amazingly,  Pressidium’s monthly plans start from just $17.90 — including all enterprise-grade features and expert support — and are built to seamlessly scale depending on site traffic. That's almost as impressive as the platform itself.

Co-founder Filip Slavik also chimed in with an interesting quote:

“We consider the Pressidium Pinnacle Platform a technological work of art that offers a safe and secure home for the “creative masterpieces” of our clients. Protecting their hard work and making it reliably and readily available for their visitors is as important for us as it is for them.”

As the first of its kind, it will be very interesting to see just how sought after the Pressidium's Pinnacle Platform is. Moreover, it will be interesting to see if the availability of such a high-level hosting solution sparks a trend of much larger WordPress websites being built on a more regular basis.

To find out more, check out the Pressidium website.