Pligg CMS Widget Contest – Win an Amazon Kindle!

Owning an Amazon Kindle just got a lot easier! We at Pligg CMS are proud to announce that we are holding another contest for developers. This time around we are asking developers to create free Pligg widgets to share with the community. What’s even better is that widgets are REALLY EASY to develop! How to Enter: Submit your widget to the Free Widgets forum. All new submissions are moderated, so your post will not appear immediately after being submitted. Your widget should appear within a few hours of submission, once a forum moderator has approved it. We reserve the right to deny widgets that do not offer any features that we consider to be useful. If your widget offers some type of meaningful functionality it will be approved, we just don’t want to see some mindless “Hello World” type widgets.

* Adult female human hand not included.

At the time of this contest announcement, there is no set deadline for submitting your widget. We will alert everyone when we are nearing the end of the contest deadline and give developers a week long grace period to submit their work before starting the poll that determines the winners. How Winners are Chosen: Once the competition period ends, we will host a poll where users can vote on their favorite widget. The widget that receives the most votes by the time the poll closes will be announced as the winner. Prizes: The following prizes will be given out to the top 5 widget authors:

* Black electronics are wicked awesome

The Fine Print:

  1. The developer must be the original author of the code. When using third party open source code as the basis of your work, you must properly credit that code and consider it for your own widget license.
  2. The widget must use un-compiled, open source code.
  3. Widget authors may choose from a number of open source licenses when submitting their widget to the forums, including:
    • Apache License, 2.0
    • Simplified BSD license
    • GNU General Public License (GPL)
    • GNU Library or “Lesser” General Public License (LGPL)
    • MIT license
    • Creative Commons License
  4. Contest winners located outside of the continental United States must provide shipping costs, unless a local supplier is able to provide the same prize at equal or lesser value.
  5. Authors are limited to only receiving 1 prize, given for the highest rated widget based on poll results. If you develop the #1 and #3 widgets, you will only be given the #1 prize. The #4 widget author would then receive the 3rd place prize.