Pligg CMS 1.1.2 Released

This update includes a number of bug fixes and general improvements to make Pligg CMS compatible with the latest version of the EVB module as well as the new Karma module. There has been at least one security fix applied to this version of Pligg, so it is highly advised that all users make the upgrade in an appropriate amount of time

The Karma module will allow sites to update member karma values as users perform actions such as logging in, submitting stories, or adding a comment to an article. Previously karma was only being calculated when websites would manually set up a crontab on their web server, telling the server to crawl a karma update script every X number of hours. Now all of the updates are generated on the fly, making user karma counts up to date at all times and requiring no additional thought from the site administrator to set it up. Administrators will however have the option to manually configure karma values, by setting up how many points they want to give users for performing actions like submitting stories and comments, or voting on articles.

New Features and Fixes

For a non-condensed update information, you can read our SVN update logs.

  1. Security fixes
  2. New “User Ranking” system. Karma now determines a user’s rank. The more active a user is, the higher their rank.
  3. Advanced search page now allows you to find posts by the date they were submitted on.
  4. Support for the new EVB Module
  5. Support for the new Karma Module. This release also includes the Karma module.
  6. Failed login previously lost redirect data. Now it will remember your destination if you fail authentication.
  7. Fixed Voting Method 2 (5 Star Rating) system.
  8. Fix for searching for duplicate stories by URL
  9. RSS fixes
  10. Fixed HTML tags to allow feature
  11. Spam trigger fixed
  12. Fix to allow god level users to edit admin users
  13. Fix for duplicate content (ex /category1/story-title and /category2/story-title show the same story).