PHPFox V4 Announced: Improved UI, Responsive Themes & More

The latest version of PHPFox  has been announced, making the social networking platform sleeker and sexier than ever before.

Freshly re-branded as Moxi9, PHPFox has enjoyed its status as a popular community-building CMS, giving users the ability to offer features found on Facebook, MySpace, and other networks.

With PHPFox V4 – which is due for release during Fall 2014 – brings about a new look and feel. It also pairs with Moxi9 Unity, allowing developers to create powerful apps. Let's take a closer look.

PHPFox Streamlined

Reading through the improvements that PHPFox V4 is soon to bring, one word sprung to my mind. Streamlining.

The team behind Moxi9 are pushing PHPFox into modernity with a host of needed features, bells and whistles. And it looks pretty damn good.

In fact, users can look forward to a revamped user interface, including cleaner activity feeds, side panels, user profiles an pages in general.

Additionally, Moxi9 have stated that they will include a responsive theme with V4 by default, which all future themes can extend with ease.

Perhaps one of the most notable changes though – particularly for developers – is the Moxi9 Unity pairing.

Moxi9 Unity opens the doors to developers to create powerful apps without needing access any server. Plus, they won't be bound to a specific programing language. That means secure, one-click installs for clients and easy updates for developers.


For all the details of PHPFox V4, FAQs about the new software, plus some more screenshots, check out Moxi9's recent blog announcement.

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