Paperless Office Software: How eFileCabinet Simplifies Office Life

When paper was invented by the Chinese back in 105 AD, the possibilities seemed endless.

Today, paper is still used by companies across the world to physically archive important information, personal data, records, accounts, and so forth. For so long, it all seemed like a great idea.

But as we advance further into the digital age, it’s clear that brands everywhere are beginning to feel the drawbacks of a paper-filled office more than ever before. 90 percent of the world’s data has been produced within the past 2 years, and a dependence on paper to document this data has resulted in a backlog of unmanageable, paper-based information. Resultantly, the adoption of document management software has soared.

eFileCabinet for example, has helped over 10,000 businesses and more than 160,000 users worldwide to make the switch.

But just how does a DMS like eFileCabinet simplify life in the office?

More Space

Just how much office space does your organization lend to filing cabinets and shelving? The answer is likely way too much.

With eFileCabinet, you can scan existing files into the system to keep them secure, and possibly scale back on commercial real estate costs with the technology. Thus, there’s no more paper, which equals a lot more space.

Don Services Inc., for example, reported freeing up 700 square feet of floorspace after implementing eFileCabinet. That’s a lot of extra room for staff leisure, meeting rooms, or extra desk space.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Administrators are commonplace in most working environments. Somebody needs to arrange meetings, handle orders and invoices, and of course, manage the filing system.

But by bringing in eFileCabinet, an administrator’s job goes through a massive streamlining process. Suddenly, two administrators are able to handle the same office space that previously required four.

It’s no wonder that Alexis Benne – who works for a youth and family services company using eFileCabinet – managed to keep administration costs below 12%.

A Smoother Workflow

Taking a project from start to finish is a process that typically involved multiple steps.

Documents need to be found, specific details then need to be located, and team members need to see who’s working on what. And that’s just for starters.

eFileCabinet simplifies many of those steps by providing powerful search functionality that applies to finding folders and files, as well as finding specific words within documents. Plus, team members can see who digitally checked out which file, keeping everybody on the same page and preventing files from being needlessly duplicated.

In fact, some eFileCabinet customers have reported removing 20 steps from their workflow process, simply by implementing the DMS. Now that’s impressive.

No More File Room Visits

Office jobs have their perks and disadvantages, but I think we can all agree that leaving your desk in order to check out or file away a document falls under the latter category.

But with eFileCabinet, your company’s filing system is only ever a few clicks away. There’s no more sifting through cabinets to find files, ensuring you don’t misplace folders, or filing things away before home time. Instead, it’s all quickly and easily accessible from your desk.

Your Office In Your Pocket

Last but not least, is the ability to take your newly simplified office life out and about.

The eFileCabinet iOS and Android apps make it easy to take your data with you wherever you go. So, it’s no longer about forgetting documents back at the office when you go for a meeting. Plus, working from home has never been easier.

To learn more about eFileCabinet, check out their website. Plus, stay tuned for more coverage during this eFileCabinet Featured Week.