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Squarespace Unveils Starter Layouts to Speed Up Website Building

...a Mongo database across multiple data centers.” Considering Squarespace is a proprietary software designed mainly for newbie webmasters, I can't image too many of their users being interested in the technical goings-on over at Squarespace HQ. But hey, I'm all for transparency – in all its forms. To find out more about Squarespace Starter Layouts, check out the Squarespace blog.... Read More →

Squarespace Reveals New Templates for Cover Pages

Squarespace has improved upon its Cover Pages feature, which came alongside the release of Squarespace 7 back in 2014. As one of the leading website builders on the market, Squarespace was chosen for coverage over at Website Builders Critic. The platform's Cover Pages can be used as a bold introduction to a Squarespace website, or as a standalone landing page.... Read More →

Squarespace Metrics Released for iPad

Following the recent success of Metrics for iPhone, Squarespace have now released Squarespace Metrics for iPad as a universal download. Squarespace is a hosted website builder which powers millions of websites around the web. The platform was also named the winner of our 2012 Critic’s Choice Awards for Best Website Builder. With Squarespace Metrics, iPad users can now monitor key... Read More →

Squarespace Start Lets You Launch a Website In Seconds

...In recent months, Squarespace has focused heavily on speeding up the time it takes for users to start a website. First, they launched Squarespace Domains to make domain purchasing easier. Then more recently, Squarespace Layouts was unveiled to help add and modify templates faster. Squarespace Start is just another way for Squarespace users to launch websites quickly and easily. To... Read More →

CMS Monthly Recap: Crownpeak Acquires e-Spirit, Squarespace Raises $300M Investment, WP Engine Launches Headless for WordPress, and More

...has become an essential component for modern CMS and DXP platforms. Whether that will give Crownpeak a competitive advantage against other niche players remains to be seen. One area that might bear fruit from the unification is that e-Spirit will expand Crownpeak’s access to the EMEA region. Squarespace Raises $300 Million Investment Round At $10 Billion Valuation Squarespace, the popular... Read More →

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