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Squarespace 5 Review

SquareSpace has been getting alot of attention of late for their revolutionary CMS. SquareSpace is an incredibly powerful and unique, hosted solution that gives the designer/developer unprecedented control over the look of their site and it's content. Today we're going to take a look at it in this SquareSpace review. SquareSpace is available with a number of plans ranging from... Read More →

Squarespace for Android Public Beta Begins

Squarespace has answered the call of its Android using fan base. Squarespace has released two new apps for public beta testing; Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Note. As one of the most popular website builders on the market, Squarespace allows users to build blogs, online stores, portfolio websites and more, using a sleek, user-friendly interface. iOS users have been enjoying Squarespace... Read More →

Squarespace Reveals New Templates for Cover Pages

Squarespace has improved upon its Cover Pages feature, which came alongside the release of Squarespace 7 back in 2014. As one of the leading website builders on the market, Squarespace was chosen for coverage over at Website Builders Critic. The platform's Cover Pages can be used as a bold introduction to a Squarespace website, or as a standalone landing page.... Read More →

Squarespace Unveils Starter Layouts to Speed Up Website Building

...a Mongo database across multiple data centers.” Considering Squrespace is proprietary software designed mainly for newbie webmasters, I can't image too many of their users being interested in the technical goings on over at Squarespace HQ. But hey, I'm all for transparency – in all its forms. To find out more about Squarespace Starter Layouts, check out the Squarespace blog.... Read More →

Squarespace 7 Review

The recently announced Squarespace 7 beta is still being rolled out, but I've managed to put together an up-to-date Squarespace 7 review to give you a peek at what it's like. More than anything else, Squarespace 7 is mainly an upgrade for your eyes to enjoy. A revamped admin interface that looks more professional is accompanied by 15 brand new... Read More →

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