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SiteSupra Review plan is also fair, with the added ecommere functionality for $19.99. Competitors like Weebly for example though, also offer a free plan, yet they also offer $4, $8 and $25 plans. SquareSpace also beat SiteSupra's lowest paid-for plan, starting at $8, rising to $16, and then $24. Although, they do not offer free services. SiteSupra then, are offering their... Read More →

Gutensite Review - An Introduction to the New Online CMS use and very reminiscent of Squarespace (a similar product) but much quicker and more attractive in my opinion. Here is an example of the type of design you can have with this product (this is only one of many design choices you get): As I mentioned previously, the design and beauty of this system are second to none. It... Read More →

Duda Snaps Up Snipcart to Boost e-Commerce Capabilities: Q&A with CEO Itai Sadan

...effective low-code/no-code tools with a myriad of drag-and-drop features. This includes purpose-built platforms like Squarespace but has now grown to include hosting ecosystems like GoDaddy and marketing automation services like MailChimp. But if you’re a designer or an agency that’s focused on delivering a high-caliber customer experience – particularly in the bursting e-commerce sector – many do-it-yourself builder tools conjure... Read More →

Cloud-First Headless CMS: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

...Squarespace may be a better option. You need to get your website operational quickly with off-the-shelf functionality. Content editors want to use the page-oriented approach, or want to customize page layouts by themselves. Your website and content repositories are highly regulated and strict rules and laws dictate that cloud storage is not permitted. You prefer a robust, all-in-one solution that... Read More →

Cloud-first CMS Is Not Just a CMS in the Cloud

...of “SaaS CMSs” such as Wix, Squarespace, or The problem is that these website builders offer limited flexibility in design, and you won't be able to run any custom code. They really are a great choice for a template-based site for a simple mom-and-pop store, but will fall very short on delivering a custom-built website. Cloud-first Headless CMS—the Answer... Read More →

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