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Theme Temptation: How to Avoid Falling for a CMS with Stunning Themes

...functionality needed for your project. I've seen this happen with Squarespace, for example. Squarespace is an excellent website builder with epic themes and a strong set of features; but it's not a platform I'd recommend for large projects, like a regularly updated news blog. Yet, its awesome template selection continues to attract customers, despite other platforms being far better suited... Read More →

Meet Gutensite, a Platform for Creating Beautiful and Powerful Business Websites

What is Gutensite? Gutensite is one of those small start-ups that have been around awhile, perfecting their service and earning a loyal following. Their passionate member base recently pushed them to second place in the CMS Critic People's Choice Awards, second to Squarespace. Gutensite is a California design firm that helps small businesses and non-profits build and manage websites that... Read More →

Is WordPress the Best CMS for You?

...SquareSpace would be a better option. But when you use a platform like SquareSpace, the number of customisations you can make will be more limited than on WordPress. Your budget: Another factor you should take into account while choosing your CMS is your budget. If you have a small budget WordPress is the more affordable option. For example, if you... Read More →

The Winner of the 2014 People's Choice CMS Award for Best Website Builder

The third annual CMS Awards have come to a close, having attracted more nominations and voters than ever before. Thankfully though, the results are probably my favourite part! For the 2014 People's Choice CMS Award for Best Website Builder, participants selected the industry's “big three” website builders to battle it out. Wix, Squarespace and Weebly . It is with great... Read More →

Flazio Review

...of Squarespace and Wix, how is a small site set up in southern Italy going to compete? I decided to check it out and see what Flazio has to offer. Getting Started Getting set up with Flazio is remarkably simple. The process takes just a few clicks and everything is crystal clear from the outset. Everyone can sign up for... Read More →

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