Overview of new features in nopCommerce 3.90

nopCommerce, a free open source ASP.NET MVC based eCommerce platform, has recently released its 3.90 version. The latest version contains significant improvements in performance optimization, in marketing and content management functionality, and in the admin area UI and UX.

Many ideas for the product improvement are coming from nopCommerce community, and it’s really great to see support from the partners and nopCommerce developers from all over the world.

Some of the 3.90 version highlights are explained below.

Compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 requirements

In order to fit PCI DSS 3.2, the following policies must be followed:

  • password attempt failure lock-out must be supported;
  • password must be changed at least once every 90 days;
  • password must be unique i.e. it's not allowed to submit one of the previously used passwords.

All of these options are integrated in nopCommerce and are fully configurable.

Extended discount functionality

In the 3.90 version, many marketing and content management features were improved.

One of the new enhancements is the discount requirement groups. These groups support complex requirements with multiple rules. The requirements are set using boolean logic. For instance, if a discount should be assigned to a particular customer role or in case a customer had spent certain amount, etc.

Moreover, the new nopCommerce version allows shoppers to apply unlimited number of discount codes to one order.

Product stock changes tracking

In previous versions of nopCommerce, it was possible to check product stock quantity only on the main product info page, and stock changes could be tracked only by viewing each order containing this product. It was not really convenient, so a dedicated Stock quantity history tab was created. Now a store owner can find all the required information on product stock quantity, its changes, and orders with the product at one place.

For products that are out of stock store owners will now be able to display an approximate number of days in which the product will be available again, instead of general “out of stock” message used in the previous versions.

Reward points usage delay

The new version eliminates the necessity of reward points activation immediately after they were calculated. A store owner can set up a period after which the earned points become active.

Performance optimization

The speed of loading user agents was increased and memory usage was reduced, so now sites require much less memory. In 3.90 version, cache discounts between requests. Previously all discounts were loaded for each HTTP request.

Some other improvements

  • Product reviews admin replies. The 3.90 version enables store owners to leave responses directly to each customer comment, so they are not getting lost in a single thread of all messages.
  • Message templates with conditions. Now store owners can add conditions to message templates. For example, shipping address can be hidden in the emails when shipping is not required.
  • Custom order number. An order number can now be customized. For example, it’s possible to add some prefix or date.
  • Access limitation for plugins usage. In the new nopCommerce version, a store owner can limit access to plugins per customer role in ACL or in a plugin editing window. This option allows to show only needed plugins for different customer roles.
  • File attachments in the product return form
  • And more…

You can read the full release notes here: nopCommerce Release Notes.